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Palliative Care

Being told that you need palliative care and support can be distressing, emotional and stressful, not just for you but your loved ones around you. Our Care Professionals can support you and your loved ones with practical and emotional support with care tailored around your individual needs, allowing you to stay at home.

Our Palliative Care service benefits individuals with terminal illnesses who want to remain in their own homes, surrounded by the people that are important to them. We understand that at such a stressful and sensitive time, support from trusted specialist Care Professionals can make a huge difference.

When faced with a life limiting disease or illness, we understand that most people would prefer to remain at home where they feel comfortable and in control. It is an emotional time for all involved and we’re here to support your loved one and family through our bespoke palliative care at home services.

The key to our palliative care is making sure your loved one is comfortable and living life as they choose during the final months or years of their life.