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Are you seeking a role in social care that enables you to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in your community while being part of a company that provides support and growth opportunities? Whether you're new to the industry or ready to advance your career, we offer resources and training to help you enhance the quality of care you provide and truly make a difference to those you serve.

A little about Standard Care

Gracewell Staffing is proudly accredited by the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) and one of the leading Home Care companies in the UK, with many years of experience.


Our continuous assistance and monitoring acknowledge the individual and occupational challenges associated with this job. Through a thorough hiring process and frequent coaching and training sessions, we uphold the utmost standards. Our management team frequently visits clients to cultivate relationships, which demonstrates to our employees that we comprehend the work and would never request something we wouldn't do ourselves.

Furthermore, we offer compensation above the London Living Wage. This caring and encouraging setting, where employees feel truly appreciated, is the reason why the majority of our team has remained with us for numerous years.

Will you join us?

Although experience and the appropriate skills are desirable, we also seek carers for their attitude and personal traits. We are presently seeking individuals who are motivated, patient, and have exceptional communication abilities, along with a compassionate nature, to join our exceptional team in the following positions:

• Full time care assistants, 35+ hours per week
• Part time care assistants, 20+ hours per week

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